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Yoga and “Yoga Dance”

Whether is Yoga or Yoga Dance I will design a private customized set of exercises for your specific and unique body needs



If you are totally ready to transform your body and your life this is the right place for you!

“Private Yoga”

Amazing benefits to be expected from this transforming movement:

  • Body, mind, and soul connection and self awareness.
  • Flexibility, not just for your body but for your life.
  • Discover your body’s full potential to expand through your own kinesthetic awareness.
  • Learn how to love your body no matter what stage, shape and age you are.
  • No experience is necessary. The classes are designed for your unique desires, needs and wants.
  • Loosing weight made easy, and fun!

By committing to your practice, you are committing to yourself and your life!



Private Yoga and Yoga Dance Lessons

Private Yoga and Yoga Dance teachings are offered through Skype or in person at my office in Bowie Maryland.

If you choose to sign up for the Skype Sessions you will pay through Pay Pal or directly to me via credit card.

First session: I will listen to your concerns whether physical, emotional or existential issues and symptoms.

I design a class for your own individual blueprint.


  • Yoga and Yoga Dance movements
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Visualizations, awesome music, and a complete expansion of who you can be!


Our First Session: $125 (90 minute), includes Meditation exercises and Nutritional Advice along with the Yoga and Yoga Dance Class
Every other Yoga and Yoga Dance Session:$85 (One Hour).

I offer packages after the First Session which are:

  • 5 Private Yoga and Stretching Sessions: $375
  • 10 Private Yoga and Stretching  Sessions: $700
  • 20 Private Yoga and Stretching Sessions: $1,200

Payment type: PayPal or Credit Card.

So I invite you to follow your heart and intuition to decide what is best for you.




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