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Skype Sessions 1:1

Ready to thrive? Awesome!

My commitment to you is to walk along and guide you through:

    1. Turning your life around from negative habits, beliefs and emotions so you can find your best self ever.
    2. Navigating through obstacles with ease, love and acceptance.
    3. Creating practical and effective life habits to begin creating wonderful states of health, joy, and well being.
    4. Building confidence in your skills and your gifts and create the time to focus on your passions.




You know you like to live a life of ease and joy, and experience perfect health and just simply be in the zone, with a clear and focused mind.

If you are already experiencing all of those wonderful essential qualities, I applaud your accomplishment!

But we know it can always get better. The learning and growing never stops. Having guidance, teachers and mentors could be the most important piece to help you flourish into your most amazing self.

Do you feel you have unique, powerful gifts to offer but you are not sure where to start?

Do you feel absolutely empowered and energized by the work you are doing in the world or do you often experience being tired and stressed?

Are there specific lifestyle blocks that you feel are preventing you from living an amazing life?

Are you ready to take the big leap in your life from fear based thoughts to a love based existence?

Then, I am excited to be your guide.

I will help you:

Become absolutely sure of how you can begin the journey of living in alignment with your highest soul wishes, purpose and deepest desires from a place of presence, focus, and self empowerment.

The steps to achieve your goal:

21 day Life Change Marathon:

  1. We will have a ten minute phone or Skype consultation where we will use our intuitive sense to decide whether I am the right guide for you. It is most important that you feel absolutely ready to take take the next step in your life.
  2. You will receive a deep, provocative questionnaire with real life issues that will help me better understand your life goals, journey, and desired destination.
  3. After receiving your questionnaire, we will set up the appointment through to begin our Health and Life Coaching Sessions.
  4. I will design a step by step program for you. Remember: your commitment to follow through is what is going to make the most difference in creating ease, joy, freedom, and healing in all areas of your life.
  5. We will set up a second appointment a week from our first session and go over all of the practices that have been put in place, as well as your accomplishments and challenges that have come up.
  6. You are welcome to send me e-mails about your progress and accomplishments, and I am more than happy to respond to them.
  7. After the third week (you have done it!) we will have one more (the most amazing) session to check for your incredible and miraculous results. After that, you will be ready to take off and fly on your own!

Three week intense one to one private coaching:

Limited time only $497!

Regular price: $997
The payment is due the day before our first session.

You will get a total refund if you decided in the first thirty minutes of the session that this is not for you.
Remember my commitment to you is for you to succeed and create results!