Acupuncture and Health Insurance

Frequently asked questions about insurance for Acupuncture services

The following questions are frequently asked concerning Acupuncture/Acupressure services.  If you do not see your questions answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Which Insurance does Maryland Acupuncture accept?

At this time, Laura Loterszpil is a practicing provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna. If you belong to either of these plans my insurance biller will submit claims for you as a courtesy service.  Unfortunately Medicaid and Medicare DO NOT cover acupuncture. 

Who determines what my coverage is?

You do – we are not responsible for knowing your insurance coverage.  You must call your provider to determine your coverage eligibility.

How about Out-of-Network coverage?

Ask your insurance carrier if they cover Out-of-Network Acupuncture.  If you are covered, Maryland Acupuncture will give you an Insurance Statement for you to submit with a claim form for your insurance carrier.

What about coverage limits/benefits?

Insurance benefits for acupuncture can widely vary. Your carrier should discuss with you the benefits you have which may pertain to acupuncture.

Acupuncture is only covered under limited conditions?

Ask your Insurance if they will cover for the reasons you are wanting to come, otherwise the treatment will be at your expense.

Are there any exclusions to my acupuncture benefits?

Yes, for example some plans only cover acupuncture for specific uses. For instance, “acupuncture for the use of anesthesia” is older policy language that some plans still use (it is being phased out as we do not currently use acupuncture for anesthesia here in the United States).  Aetna policies may have such a clause – if you have Aetna, ask them specifically.  Another exclusion can happen with some Federal BCBS plans where they only pay for physician-provided acupuncture (a regular Medical Doctor).

Is there a deductible?

Ask your insurance if you have a deductible – the amount you must pay before insurance covers the visit.

Do I have a co-pay that I am responsible for?

Ask your insurance if you have a co-pay and what that amount would be. Co-pays vary with each plan, and could either be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the cost of the visit. Once we hear back from your insurance we can establish this financial partnership and agreement.

Do I have co-insurance that I am responsible for?

Some plans – though not many – also have a co-insurance that you are responsible for as well as a co-pay.

Is there a limit on the number, or dollar amount of visits for acupuncture treatment?

Yes, it will either be a dollar amount or it will be a number of visits per year.

Does my coverage renew every calendar year, or does it renew on the anniversary of my coverage date?

Coverage is typically based on a yearly time period, though some plans could also include a “lifetime maximum.” That period can either be a calendar year, plan year, fiscal year, etc. Check with your carrier on if/when your coverage renews.


Cancellation Policy

Unless you have a true emergency, the fee for cancellations under a 24-hour notice is $85.  If you must cancel, please do so within at least 24-hours prior to your visit.