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What is Acupuncture and Acupressure?

 Acupuncture and Acupressure are just a part of the Ancient Medicine of Chinese Medicine. Originated in China more than five thousand years ago, the art of Acupuncture aims to unblocked areas in our energetic bodies that can cause a variety of symptoms.
Some of the common reasons my clients come for Acupuncture and Acupressure are:
-Back Issues
-Weight Issues
-Chronic Fatigue
-Anxiety and Stress

If any of this symptoms are part of your every day life existence, this amazing medicine is very likely to greatly serve you!
All I have to say is that I have been practicing the Art of Chinese medicine since 2001 and the results my clients experience never end to amaze me.
I am honored to be able to pass along this ancient wisdom!

Why WouldI want to sign up for your Skype 1:1 Sessions and how can I track my results?

Great question! The Skype sessions is only if you are absolutely one hundred percent committed to change your life from the inside out. For acupuncture, clients come to help them with specific aches, pain or emotional imbalances. The Skype Sessions is about your LIFE and your LIFE STYLE. If you choose to work with me, expect:
1-Take a deep look at your thoughts and emotions and how are they serving your well being and inner happiness
2- What habits are helping you achieve your goals and what are the ones that is time to let them go? I will help you and give you specific tools to work on this piece. I promise you that if you follow your homework and you are totally committed it will work!
3- By the end of the 21 day marathon, you will have an absolute clear picture of the life you wish to create and nothing can and will stop you. :-)!!!

What does Intuitive Healing mean?

The word intuition unlike the popular belief  is not just equal “Psychic reading” or “Psychic abilities”.

It means to learn how to  follow what many Spiritual Teachers and healers call our “Internal guidance… in other words our inner Gut feelings and common sense”.

We all have an internal guidance that is more effective and powerful than any outside source. When we become more self-aware our physical, mental and emotional bodies begin to tap into that natural wisdom we may call “Intuition”.

Laura’s readings are aim to help you get in touch with that inner guidance, to remember the wonderful gift you already are”

What is “La Yoga Dance and how is it different than just Yoga or Dance?”

“La Yoga Dance” came to me from Devine Intervention. It came out of a clear vision that one of my Soul Purpose in life is to help others like you to embrace the beauty of all of who you are.
What to expect?
1-Open up the parts of yourself you did not know they even existed.
2- Begin the experience of loving yourself fully, no conditions or expectation.
3-Have a deeper understanding of who you are and why you came here through the art of kinesthetic movement.
4-Build physical, emotional and metal muscles to deal with obstacles that you see in your life as preventing you from experiencing true peace, love and happiness.
5-Find your inner Gods and Goddesses that were always there, calling you to remember their Devine presence.

Where do I go to take “La YogaDance” Classes?”

As right now, my classes are offer through Skype which is awesome because it means you do not have to drive, leave your kids if you have a super busy schedule, this is perfect for you.
Yes you will need to download Skype and I will make sure that you can see me and I can see you.
It will be ana amazing journey!!!!