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About Laura

    If you wish to live a life of:

DSC_0338 1) Experiencing relief , vibrant health and an overall sense of well being emotionally, physically and mentally.  

2) Less pain and suffering.

3) Greater sense of self  awareness and less cravings or addictive patterns. Begin recovering from addictions, and feel the freedom of your magnificence

 Then you have came to the right place!  I am here to serve and help you become the person you wish to become in all of the major areas in your life.

My credentials and offerings:

Acupuncture, Acupressure, Meditation sessions and Yoga sessions.

About me

  • A Holistic Healer for more than 20 years
  • Licensed acupuncturist since 2001
  • The creator and founder of the movement called La Yoga Dance
  • Author and expert in the field of spirituality and holistic living

Throughout my 20 years as a Holistic Healer, I have seen thousands of clients experiencing a life with less negativity, more joy, more peace,  and simply a much greater potential in living a happy life .

Today I have a fountain of knowledge to offer my clients, and recently I have added the service of teaching different kinds of Yoga and a movement I have created called the Yoga Dance, as well as Intuitive Sessions that I offer either through Skype or over the phone.



My Purpose

My commitment is to help you and guide you through your own expansion and healing path. As well as guide you towards finding your most powerful healer: YOURSELF.

Whether you’ll be choosing Acupuncture and Chinese Body Work, Yoga-Dance sessions, or Intuitive Sessions through Skype or over the phone, the goal is the same: to use Energy Healing to help you create the best most joyous existence you are meant to be living.

My highest intention is to guide you through the power of self-awakening and love. So you can begin using your own inner power and inner healer, which will guide you to the most joyous path.

Looking forward to being of service,


Laura Loterszpil