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To my lovely readers,

suffering There was a recent article in The Washington Post  with specific data on “loneliness” being the number one reason leading to illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

The findings are alarming.


When I look at my own life and the lives of my clients, there is one common denominator that most of us feel is missing, and that is a sense of community.


IMG_1674 Even people that live with others or around ethers all the time may still have a sense of feeling completely alone.

It is something I yearn to shift for the sake of our children’s children, and so on, down the line of our future kin.

I feel that a secure path toward positive change can come by creating conscious gatherings to connect, interact, be present, and help each other wake up to this awesome truth that each of us has infinite worth.



11053154_10206391345247624_3945565637834840126_n I have sent a newsletter in the past about opening my space to a small gathering on Tuesday nights, but I recently have been called to extend my invitation to everyone- men, women and children.

My home is rather small, but there is always room when it comes to sharing our gifts to evoke and expand inspiration in each other.


IMG_0140 So, the main intention of this newsletter is to call upon us all to create healing connections, whether by choosing to come on Tuesday nights to my space, or by forming connections in your own communities. Together, we can shift the old paradigm of feeling lonely and disconnected.




We can do this by beginning with connecting to one person at a time, after we first connect to ourselves.





unnamed Also, let’s make this weekend one to love everyone with the spirit of Valentine’s Day!

Let’s open our hearts to everyone and send prayers of love, joy, peace, and forgiveness.

Everything starts with a thought, and our thoughts about each other matter.


communityacupuncture3 Let’s also be aware that our body is the wisest doctor we have.

As an acupuncturist, the essence of what I do in the treatment room is to hold space for your own body’s awareness and ability to heal itself.

Remember, our symptoms are our biggest teachers and they are telling us to pay attention before we start making up stories about them.



Please let me know if you are able to come to Tuesday nights by emailing me directly at  at 6:00pm and feel free to bring a snack to share with others. I will be providing teas and hot cocoa, yay!

If you are wondering about meditation, this would be a great time to learn how to calm our minds and bodies and get to a place where we feel nurtured, loved, and at peace.

Wishing you a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


Laura Loterszpil

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