Women’s Gathering, Yoga and Acupuncture

My Lovely Readers,
Some important announcements:

FullSizeRender-21 1) Thanks to one of my wonderful clients I was inspired  once again to provide a safe space for women to gather every week.

The intention of the gathering is to bring presence and awareness as to  how we are creating and designing our lives and the lives we touch.

We are going to  create daily specific practices in order to shift and let go of  what has and continues to bring unnecessary suffering in our lives that the ones we touch. .

I like to make a note that the gathering is not about what I like to call “sappy talking” or the latest new age invention on quick fixes on subject like  “law of attraction” or the power “positive thinking”.

It is about bringing awareness to what no longer serves us.

Be ready to transform in profound and long lasting ways.

I am fully committed to create a safe, nourishing and loving space so we can together allow for this deep transformation to actually happen.

Please don’t rush coming into the gathering.

Give yourself sometime time to settle.

Time: Every Tuesday from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Place: “Crosswinds at Annapolis Towne Centre; 1903 Towne Centre Blvd. apt 449 Annapolis MD 21401″

Price: Making it super affordable.

It is only $ 20 per session or $60 per month if you commit for a full month.

RSVP: or call directly at 301-325-0828

I am so looking forward to facilitate this meeting of souls.

Private Yoga Classes:

IMG_0203  Still joyfully  offering private and semi-private yoga sessions specifically designed for you body needs.

 Places:  1) The Bowie Office location: 14300 Gallant Fox Lane Suit 202 Bowie Maryland 20715.

2)  at the at Gym at Crosswinds in Annapolis Towne Centre”

To schedule and apt.: or call 301-325-0828

Price: $85 for 1 hour and fifteen minutes for a private or semi-private  class or $70 dollars per class if you commit to four classes.

If you also  like to bring a friend, family member  or whoever you think my benefit from this semi private yoga class you can  split the price of the class and still get the same benefits.  

Acupuncture and Acupressure

IMG_1112  If it is time to remind your body of its own ability to heal itself  email or call me directly to schedule your Acupuncture/ Acupressure apt.

For you people that  your Insurance does not cover Acupuncture I offer packages that make your sessions more affordable so don’t get put off by money. So USE ME and  take advantage of my services.

With much love and presence

Laura Loterszpil




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