Embodying “Life is not About Me but About Us”

To all my wonderful readers,
IMG_1763 Today as I will later share the story of what happened  this morning that woke me up once again to a fundamental question on what life is all about:

Life is about giving total dedication to life not just to our self serving needs and wants.

The beauty is when we are truly following the path of our soul

our life becomes truly joyful.

(This man was giving his total dedication to sing a wonderful song to my mother)


IMG_1433 I also like to bring awareness that we have become a collective society based on  self serving  “what about me” mind set without  our true and higher calling which always come from our  heart deepest calling.

I remember one very wise woman once said to me: “When we let go of what we believe we want we receive what is truly ours


makemagichappen Life is about service, higher purpose and clear intention on how are we bring the intention of  being of service.

T his is where awareness and internal practices  is  key to let go of our habitual addictive patterns that no longer serve  neither our higher purpose nor the people’s lives we touch.

I put this picture because I like to point out that you are amazing and you have that in you. It is not just in some of us… it is in everyone.

And as I write these words I am aware the practices start at home, with our children, our beloved partners, friends and family.

The place where we embody our essence qualities of true love, presence and a nurturing safe place for each other is home.

A Story of Our True Light Workers

FullSizeRender-20 This morning I was reminded once again of the mantra “life is not about me

As I was walking my dog I saw at least five men that seemed to be from early 20s to their 50s cleaning the side roads pretty much all night last night into this morning in the freezing cold for the sake of us walking safely on our streets without falling

They give their life, their time, their hands and feet in the freezing cold for the sake of the rest of us.

It woke me up to the fact that they are the light bringing workers, not me.

I have the basic needs like a roof, food, wonderful family and friends and yet I practice acupuncture.

But once again this morning I was reminded these souls gave themselves with total dedication.

My message to you all today my beloved readers is life is not about you or me, life is about being of service with no “second self-serving intentions

So If you see a homeless person in the cold weather or someone that is freezing out there bring them a cup of coffee, ask them if you can help in any way.

With so much love and presence

Laura Loterszpil


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