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The Meaning of Happiness and a one other Announcement

My lovely readers,

Recently a Coallegue of mine sent me a video on a  75 year Harvard University long term  study  on happiness.

A rare study that sustained itself for 75 years I encourage you to watch it when you have a moment.

It is absolutely beautiful.


Also another announcement is that due to the changes that are happening in our health care and the fact I like everyone to be able to experience the benefits of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture I have decided after pondering for quite some time to join three Health Care Insurance Companies: BCBS, Atnea and Cigna and although I have applied for all of them more than a few months ago it can take a while for them to respond and to  letting me know I am in-netwrok.

Some of the reasons I have finally decided to try working with insurance companies: this

1) Many of you may need more than one treatment every two weeks, every month or once in a while in order to see long lasting results with acupuncture. This change may allow you to receive more consistnet treatment without worrying about the financial piece.

2)  People who don’t know my work often go through their insurance companies to find an acupuncturist first to see who is in network.   This way I will be able to reach many more people and be of service that couldn’t afford treatment on their own otherwise.

3) Like all of us I too have to make a consistent living and while I absolutely love what I do this would allow me to always have a constant stream of income without having to worry about it the finance piece.

After weighting the pros and cons and talking to a few acupuncture coalleagues I am willing to give this a try for a few years in the hopes this shift will be a win-win for everyone.

And of course if you like to keep paying cash as you have been all these years  and don’t  want to involve your insurance company you will still be treated the same loving way and fees will be the same as well.

So if you are interested in using your Health Insurance to possibly get more regular acupuncture/acupressure treatments I am offering another possibility in the near future.

Check with these insurances if I am already in network with either three of them.

Remember to ask your insurance:

1) What is you co-pay.

2) Your deductible.

3) The number of visits your plan allows acupuncture.

Also there will be  a few more pieces of information you will have to  fill out if you decide to go on that route.

And please remember that the quality of my services will keep the same.

I am one hundred  percent commited  to be of service to you and your love ones regardless you decide to use your insurance or not.

Your health, happiness and well being is my priority and as you know I don’t say things lightly.

With so much love, appreciation and commitment to your well being,  health and happiness:

Laura Loterszpil


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