Turning Fear Into Courage

My lovely readers,

IMG_1089 This morning after walking my dog I opened an article that one of my most influential life mentor and teacher has passed along.

I felt compelled to share this article  with you all since it is such  common theme throughout our  human condition: the  fear of rejection (I am sure you have never had that issue right? ;-))

Lets be honest, rejection can feel incredibly painful and we naturally do everything to avoid it.

In this  article  an ordinary man tells his story after his wife suddenly left him  for a “more handsome, better man” (so was his story) and how he became isolated from feeling rejected once again.

With these few words I wish you a year of deep growth, personal transformation and higher purpose in your life and the lives you touch.

With much love,

Laura Loterszpil

Here is the link:

“Fear transformed into courage by designed practice…”


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