A Very Simple Breathing Meditation Exercise

IMG_1898 Hello my Lovely readers,

Today is the Winter  Solstice.

It is the  shortest day of the year and with it another great reason to celebrate ourselves and each other.

I like to think of this time as a time to  let  go of the old and invite the re- birthing of new life experiences that brings more joy, more health and more inner peace and stillness.

By paving the present moment with loving thoughts and intentions we are making room for a wonderful future.

It is so easy to slip into “small mind thinking” getting wrapped up  in the little day to day challenges and making them be a big deal.

The truth is upset is optional and now that Christmas is around the corner what a perfect time to embody and practice this through incorporating more self awareness before we find ourselves feeling upset.

Remember this is not just  for the sake of our own well being but for everyone lives we touch.

A great way I have found to be very effective is through practices such as yoga, meditation and conscious breathing.

And since we are in the Season of stillness what a better time to begin cultivating these practices into our lives and make them a routine.

Yoga love If you don’t yet have your own practice  I encourage  you to start one whether is through my teachings or by getting acupuncture treatment, perhaps by learning how to meditate  or find a teacher to help you cultivate your own.

Here is a very simple breathing meditation exercise you can start practicing today, specially if you find yourself feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed:

 –  Close your eyes

 –  Breathe in for four

 –  Hold the breath for five

 –  Exhale for seven. 

 Do this exercise for a one to three minutes throughout the day for at least a month  and see if you  notice changes in the quality of your day. 



In deep gratitude and joy

IMG_1089  Laura Loterszpil



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