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Happy Giving Tuesday!

A quick note: The key to abundance

 Today is “Giving Tuesday”

 From Universal truth that which we wish to experience the quickest path to attract that  is by  giving it away.

 So today on this “Giving Tuesday” day I love to share  some examples of things you may want to have, receive or experience more of  in your life which are the most Universal desires for most of us:  If you wish to experience  greater health, help others to feel healthier.   To_dance_around_the_sun_by_schakoyana 

If you like to attract  more joy in your life, help others feel more joyful

 If you like to receive more abundance by attracting more money then help others make or save their money.


IMG_0244 Or perhaps you really yearn or wish to feel more nourished physically, mentally or emotionally, then take the time to  make a nourishing  meal for someone else or tell someone how much you love them and how much you care. 


So today in the Spirit of  “Giving Tuesday” I like to give you the Gift of Health by offering  your next Acupuncture treatment for half price for this entire week!  

 acupressurephoto To make an apt go to and send me a message or feel free to call or text directly to 301-325-0828 and we will make it happen.

  And remember: whatever you wish to receive and experience  in your life just simply  give more of that to someone else.

 Much Much love and

 Happy Giving  Tuesday!


   Laura Loterszpil


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