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14300 Gallant Fox Lane Suit 202 Bowie MD 20175


Acupuncture May Be Covered Under Your Health Care  Insurance Provider.



What  clients have to say :-)

 389306_4094365724507_513653929_nLaura has made a real difference in my life since I started keeping a regular schedule with her.

Ongoing issues, something new bothering me or just a “tune-up”, I look forward to every appointment. Her friendly yet professional manner puts everyone at ease and makes her a real pleasure to work with. She adds new skills as she continually takes classes, seminars and training to allow her to provide only the best for her clients (who should really be called friends).
I work a demanding schedule and look forward to our sessions as some “me time” that refreshes and improves both my body and my mind!

Jon, 48, Bowie


chris besankoI have been a client of Laura’s for 2 years, after trying several other acupuncturists in an effort to relieve the pain in my neck and shoulders.I found Laura to be the most knowledgeable and professional acupuncturist, and, most importantly, made me pain-free. I can finally enjoy all the activities I like to do without worry that I’ll be miserable the following day.

I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a war, friendly, engaging acupuncturist who will help rid you of whatever ailments are bothering you.

 Chris B., Gambrills MD



I have known you for a while….I was there (well, pretty close) at the beginning of your acupuncture journey and am amazed at everything you have become.
I remember the first session I ever had with you – How gentle you were with the needles, your compassion and excellent ‘bedside manner’….You put me at ease (even though I had a ‘fear’ of sharp, pointy things) and I could feel tangible changes which created a believer out of me…that this stuff WORKS. You ‘knew’ things without me having to tell you and you worked with no judgment or preconceived notions. I felt like you were catering only to me and my body’s needs.
I have had the honor of watching you grow and thrive on your journey – You inspire me in more ways than one (try 100 ;D)…. I wish you much joy in this next phase of your life. Keep up what you are doing as you are doing powerful work/play –
Much Bliss!!!!

Krystyn Michelle Haydash, Virginia


5587_10201443244907120_1789807040_nTestimonial from Janet giving her update on Facebook about an earache that from fungal infection:

Ear update: I can hear a little better now and no longer have pain, pressure, or feeling like everyone is “under water” talking to me.
I still have the fungus and a lot was suctioned out by the REAL ear dr. on Mon. My ear is still clogged and was told that after the infection is gone it could take 2-3 months to really hear normal again – will be like on an airplane and waiting for your ear to pop because the eye drum is recovering and will take awhile.
Next week another suction and will update then.
Twice now I’ve done acupuncture with Laura Loterszpil and I firmly believe that has helped a lot as my ear started feeling better, less pain, after my first session with her! She is the best and thank you Laura Loterszpil Please keep the prayers and healing coming for a quick and full recovery! Thank you and God Bless you all!

Janett H.  Prince Frederick

           Laura ha19367_1103830336564_7585060_ns been my acupuncturist since 2005.
She has done wonders for my chronic pain stemming from Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

With her help, I reduced and almost eliminated my dependence on pain relieving pharmaceuticals. She is the consummate professional who really listens to you and evaluates your treatment based on everything that is going on in your life.

I once shared with her that I was slated for surgery for insufferable pain from GERD (gastroesophogeal  reflux disease).

She pose 1 question; “if your body is speaking to you, what are not hearing?” She indicated that the surgery may silence my bodies message. I took that to heart, changed to a plant based diet and voila’ – no more GERD. Every issue may not be cured so easily, but this just speaks to how wise Laura is in addition to her vast knowledge in her field.
I moved from thinking about applying and trying to survive on disability to thriving and   being able to work.
My quality of life is immeasurably improved. Laura is literally a life changer.  If you are skeptical about acupuncture, I implore you to give it a try. Call Laura.

Mary G., Bowie Maryland

 FullSizeRender-27Laura is the greatest. She has helped our family in so many ways. She is talented in what she does experienced and compassionate well. Don’t know where we would be without her expertise.

Denis K., Deale Maryland

Laura did what doctors couldn’t. She help me with my tennis elbow to the point that I never had any problem again. Cordial attention very spiritual a great professional. I recommend Laura.

Debbi W. Bowie Maryland

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